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Reviews for "The Origin of the Hair"


this was amazing very original u have sum f***ing talent dude the animation in thth thing was as good the simpsons, u gotta do more of these u could even be a pro one day, out standing this should go straight to number one!!!.

NoComicsComics responds:

Wow, thanks. What a review, that is quite a nice comliment. I'm glad to see people enjoying this and leaving good reviews. Actually, cartooning is not quite the direction I'm looking towards, but I will be working in film-making. I hope to submit some more hand-drawn stuff, but not until later this year.

Absolutely brilliant

Wow, that must have taken you such a long time to make. It takes a lot of skill to make an actual professional cartoon on paper. Fantastic job, I hope to see more

NoComicsComics responds:

Heh, I don't know about professional, but thanks for the review. Glad to see you like it. It did take a very long time, about 7 months. I started it in November, two weeks before turning 17 and finished it in June. Actually, more like 8 months, since I finshed the voices in July. Anway, I hope to be making some more stuff too, maybe even a hand-drawn mini-series, who knows?

Very good.

You sure do have a talent. The animation is very good, not just in graphics, but also in style. The story was interesting, and was good all the way through. The sound wasn't bad, but at times, it was a little fuzzy. Overall, very good.

NoComicsComics responds:

Thanks. It is a bit fuzzy, I have a bad mic. Anyway, I really appreciate your kind review. I'm just glad I'm getting positive reviews so far.

hand drawn animation throughout entire moovie!

Nice length too to be hand drawn and good story. your flash is unique and will be noticed.

NoComicsComics responds:

Thanks, that's very nice to say. I certainly hope it does well, I put a tremendous amount of effort into it, and I just hope other people feel the same.


Great work, I'm glad to have helped you out, and feel lucky to have seen this animation made from the first couple pictures to now.

Your hand drawn animation is just outstanding. Keep it up

-Dan MacKenzie

NoComicsComics responds:

Thanks again, I owe any success I have on Newgrounds to you.