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Reviews for "The Origin of the Hair"

Just by the fact alone--

That you animated this old school and frame by frame deserves great approval. But as some people said before the sound could have been done a little better, but as for the animation it really reminded me of an old italian movie which had animation in it much like fantasia, except the orchestra were a bunch of old grannies who were chained up, and the artist was a poor dude who used to be tortured and chained up to a wall... I know I'm going to spell this wrong but the movies name is Alegro Non' Troupe (i know i murdered it.)

Still, back to your animation, it really had a silly strange storyline with great pacing, and goes to show that old school can still be just as cool as the new stuff. Great job and I congrats to your 7 month project. It turned out wonderful. :)

NoComicsComics responds:

Thank you very much, such a great review. Yes, the sound quality did not live up to my expectations (Actually, several things didn't live up to my expectations, but this is so far well received) but what can you do, it was a cheap mic I borrowed from a freind. I've always had a great interest in classic animation, and it has been my dream to make something like this all my life. I'm glad to hear about the congatulations on the 7 months part, it was such a long and hard project, and I came close to giving up several times. Glad I didn't :)


Fantastic artwork and animation, especially for somebody who's never had prior training before. After seeing the portal flooded with more stick fights and Final Fantasy parodies than I care to remember, it's very refreshing to watch a piece as meticulously written and crafted as this one. Decent pencil-and-paper animations don't show up often on the Internet, and it's even more rare to find one with an interesting and humorous story to go with it.

My only gripe was with the sub-par sound quality (a shame, since the voice acting was top-notch). If you're planning on doing more of these, you've got to buy one which lessens background interference. Some backgrounds wouldn't hurt, as well.

Overall, great job. It'd be nice to see more of these in the Portal.

NoComicsComics responds:

Thanks, another great review. I do plan on getting a program so that I may add backrounds (with out one, I'd have to trace backround stuff for every frame, and that would be impossible). As for the sound I really wish I could have used a better mic, but I just can't afford it. First comes the program, then I buy a better mic. Thanks again.

Quality animation with a quirky story-line

I wouldn't be surprised if this found it's way onto the front page.

I hope you're able to invest in a better sound recording device..The air blasting sounds on certain letters detracted from the movie a bit. The voice acting was enjoyable, though.
I would've liked to have seen the frame around the animation a little more dressed up..The bland, solid color just wasn't doing it for me. Perhaps you could find an old, yellowed newspaper or comic book, scan it in and blur it until it's indistinguishable but still conveys that sort of setting for the animation.

Quirky story-line, I enjoyed it. The style of animation held together well too, it reminded me perfectly of an old Andy Capp comic book.

NoComicsComics responds:

Thank you very much. I'll tell ya, I imagined this kind of response from people, but I never really expected it. Front page would be great, but I'm just happy to have a better score then my previous submission, so maybe that'll be my goal for my next cartoon. Anyway, my mic is terrible, I do feel bad that I was unable to have a better recording system. Any investments I make will be put towards a program to make animating a little easier (I will still do frame by frame animation, the program would be for coloring and backrounds mostly). Thanks again for such an encouraging review!

Great work for doing the frames by hand!

Applause for all your efforts in making this unique movie. Thank you.

NoComicsComics responds:

No, thank you :)


A hand drawn frame-by-frame animation? Don't see them everyday on Newgrounds. Your flash was pretty funny, with an interesting storyline.

The only things I could suggest for improvements are the graphics (which I know must take a long time to draw), and the border around the flash image itself, spice it up a little. Other than that, great entertaining flash - hope to see some more work from you soon.


NoComicsComics responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it is a little pixilated, but that's the best you can do when converting it to flash. Glad to hear that you liked it.