Reviews for "MMBN: The Darkpower 2"


I like megaman but i like the MMBN even better and this flash is great 1 of the best megaman flashs ive seen

Yea bro I am seriesly liken ur series.

For sure I am liken this stuff cant wait to see the next 2 eps. Thanks for takin the time to make it so i can enjoy it.


My only complaint now is not using music from the EXE series. I suggest you use music from Rockman EXE 5 DS: Twin Leaders.

aowsome again

that other guy dosent know what he talkin about that fight was more thatn five secs. and when the said risky battle the ment fightin shademan & beast megaman some people are just so stupid any ways realy good

A couple of things...

1. Is it me, or shouldn't Lan care more about his lost Navi?
2. If Megaman's going to call something a risky battle, it might do well to make the battle scene over 4, maybe 5 seconds long. Just an opinion.