Reviews for "MMBN: The Darkpower 2"

Perfect as always!

This was pretty awesome, just like the first! Great menus, spectacular music use, incredible effects... you're great at this! I'm glad someone else liked MMBN.

super duper

well the video was fantastic and fun.

the only little thing I thinks was off was the jacking in and out. the little blue wave thing is a sprite and You only used part of it and converted that into a symbol. and just tryed to make it look good. I think it was still great though. just wanted to help you out : )

good but...

I'm sure somebodys already mentioned this by now but in the first megaman exe game it turns out that Megaman is really Lan's brother Hub. It doesn't really make sence that Dr. Hikari could make a backup.

Good good

Hey would you look at that!! You used a newer Wily sprite!! Looks good and everything good job.

the best clip ive seen in newgrounds

It was so cool......