Reviews for "Ackbar : BBQ"

BBQBeefshitman sucks so much.

Between you and BBQfuckshimselfman, you blow him outta the water. His fart jokes are annoying. I love your random comedic talent, and this isn't the worst series ever XP


Started off slow but got really good towards the end. Great animation and sound, especially the voices they were really good. The ending was the best part, ackbar bringing out his minigun to show bbqbeefburgerman who's boss. This is definitely the best movie in the ackbar series.

you cannot kill BBQBEEFBURGERMAN

also you havent made many new episodes so doesent that mean BBQ is right?


I must stop trying to predict what gonna happen next.

P.S. sorry for bad English(possible bad) - I'm from Russia.