Reviews for "Ackbar : BBQ"

Shot him down baby

Don't know how many times I've wanted to do that to someone.


Started off slow but got really good towards the end. Great animation and sound, especially the voices they were really good. The ending was the best part, ackbar bringing out his minigun to show bbqbeefburgerman who's boss. This is definitely the best movie in the ackbar series.

i want swiss cheese on my burger

very funny. very short. how did bbq burger man feel when his american cheese was replaced with swiss? where was control guy? good movie. why did burger man have a mechanized voice?

beats the hell out of that crappy McDonalds reject

all my friends are all "ackbar sux compared to BBQbeefburgerman" but screw them. you actually do voiceovers instead of rip fart sounds and voices out of movies and TV. you are a way better flash artist then BBQBeefBurgerMan could ever hope to be and created a much more loveable series that never gets old unlike that damn fart noise BBQ always does. i've seen your whole series and am reviewing on this one because i like it the most. i hope this chases that loser BBQ off newgrounds.

Yeah the flash itself was okay...

But I have a few qualms about the Author's comments
"Episode 4 : The two biggest names in flash have the final showdown"
You've a bit of an inflated opinion of yourself, eh?