Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Most amazing Flash game ever

It was just amazing, what can I say? The Shadow Of The Colossus/Panzer Dragoon/Space Harrier feel was just right and, although I've seen some other 3D Flash games before, this one makes the best use ever (The way you made the creatures is just terrific)... I really can't think of any bad thing to say about this game...

Well, maybe that it was too short... But that's just me wanting to play more of this :)

Really, this game is *ART*, and I'll kick anyone in the noogies who thinks otherwise :)

popopt responds:

Barcelona..cool. I hear people party all night there and everyone smokes:) Calling it art is my absolute favorite compliment since i used to be a painter before the computer. Gracias.

best flash game ive played yet

i never thought flash games could b 3D and have great graphics at the same time, even though its short, THIS GAME KICKS ASS!!!! ive NEVER played a flash game as good as this 1, great job, and keep up the awesome work.

better than perfect

best game it also has a good moral, but yah 5/5 amasing.


this game is awsome i beat it like twenty times and played it at miniclip.com as well


oh my god that boss battle was intense!!!!! and i agree with stun55 submit it to a game company and see if they will take it!!! this PWNS