Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Great game

Great, well executed game. I am impressed with your 3d engine. I too am working on one. Unfortunately you beat me to it.
Anyways, good job with the game. It is very professional.

popopt responds:

dont worry, im sure your 3d engine has unique points all its own and people have 'beat me' to all kinds of things. Just believe in what you're doing and go for it - i hope to see what you've come up with sometime:)

Definatly a Shadow Of The Colossus vibe there...

the whole sacrifice/restoration/steed/powerful god/demon being--
it was SOTC with a lassou. and on NG...

i thought it was pretty good, and at times, frustrating ;P
you obviously put a lot of passion and effort into this and this could easilly be listed one of the most stylish things on newgrounds.


popopt responds:

Stylish is cool:) and i love that description "Shadow of the Colossus with a lasso" - yeehaww! thats basically what it is isnt it? alsthough i think im gonna make it a whip next time, a little more Indiana Jonesey?


Nice game. It's very original. I don't know if I beat it though. I just ran into that demon at the end and the credits started to play.

it was good

it was one of the best games i played but too bad it was so short


OMG,this game is the best i've ever played!
I just love riding on the horse and the other creatures!
I also love to kill the boss!