Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

the next-gen of flash!

Won't lie, it IS a bit on the small size and it is fairly limited, but FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!! Graphics are amazing and definitely the most technically amazing thing on this site.

Can't wait for your next effort!

Well Done!

OMG...that was just...Beautiful! The animation was just spectacular and georgeous. The plot was also terrific, and it was so sad. I just loved the animation...SO beautiful, I loved it.
But it lagged! :(
It should have been more detailed, but it was still awesome.

GREAT! But i got a glitch/bug

Well, the style was a "seen it", but it was new in a way-- great game man.
I just hated the looping of the same music over and over again, otherwise it was fine, and the flyers were really fun to catch- I LOVE THE CRYSTAL FLYER MAN!
BUT : ur game has a glitch. I got to the last boss at the "NO" answer, and his thingy on his chest didnt turn into a hotspot and i couldnt shoot him. PLEASE make this glitch go away, i really wanna see the ending. THX

pretty good

i liked it expeacully when u ride the the ppl or bugs. i dont no how to beat that one guy at the end i kept hitting his chest but he wouldnt die o well i ran into him and the game was over looll

great game

reminds me of shadow of collossus for some reason