Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Wow awsome graphics

But it does really remind me of shadow of colossus except the enemys were easy and simple and shadow of coloses gave me migrane tryin to figure out how to kill some of the guys. anyhow i thought the endin was like shadow also being u turned out to be helping an evil demon and all. but over all good game well done keep makin more.

instant classic

completely different and amazing. hope to see a bigger version. stunning.

Pretty amazing

This was really good.
Played it twice to see both endings, I was suckered in the first time, of course then I have to somehow fight him, and all I can say is he is a jerk.
Almost the only thing I didn't like would be the trees, there was like no way to avoid them :(


Dude, that was AWSOME, keep up the awsome work!!!!

i love it

it was one of the best games i played but too bad it was so short