Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


i want you to keep making these.
They are my Dreams.

popopt responds:

Thank you SilverBaller - the cool thing about art/games etc is that they are essentially your dreams down on paper/paint/computer/whatever... Make sure you get some of your dreams out there too in whatever way it is that you like best:)

nice job

It was a cool game but i may find this a bit boring, because its a large field and he did ride too slow.

Great job anyway!


this was the best flash eva and
you should be a games creata seriously it absolutely rocked dude

Great Game!

Very cool flash right here, looks kinda like shadow of the.... colossise.
I really liked the super cool ending and the freedom of the game.
This would be a great consule game- good job.

I wish their were more enemies and the abality to see trees futher away.

popopt responds:

hopefully as i move from flash6 to flash 8 ill be able to program a tighter game so that i can put more objects on, or further away. Im glad you mentioned the freedom aspect, sometimes i think i am trying to make virtual worlds more than games:)


This was a very beautiful game , but it was in boring in the fun department and it was too short .
Im sure you will fix the interactivity like buying maybe weapons or abilities or just more options of battle moves and style then just rif=ding a horse and a flying bug-dragon thing.
Over all i gave it an 8 because there are games wich graphics dont get the best score like this one or are amazing like in this game , but they are fun , intresting or anything else(matters what game it is) .
And the graphics for me wasnt actualy smoove . It was kinda blury , and that demon that was at the end, i could see hes pix' .
Good luck with the future series and with the interactivity and game play.