Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Very good game!

All throughout playing this wonderful game I couldn't help but think of "Shadow of Colossus" and I loved that game! I can't wait until "Nimian Flyer Final" comes out. Keep up the awesome work!


was this really done with flash


That was very good I think personally. But when it came down to it i thought that the music was a little repetitive. Otherwise, Its a great start for a gaming engine. I'm interested in knowing if this is the first one you've done as well. Write me back. Good luck on your next project ^^

popopt responds:

Thanks! My first game using this engine was Nimian Flyer Legends (its on Newgrounds and protopop.com), except in that one you were stuck in one direction. I basically adapted it so that you culd go in all directions and came up with this. I do have 'Nimian Flyer Final' in my head as the next project, and this is one step towards that game:)


Graphics : Prolly the prettiest graphics I've seen in a Newgrounds animation.

Style : Suprizingly original. Never played something getting even close to this.

interactivity : See previous point. Control was pretty interresting.

Overall : Je*** Ch*** WTF... wow !!!! Like, a dream world came true in a freakin' flash game... superb. in every way...

Like, I have got a Newgrounds account for years... But haven't logged in in like 2 years... And managed to dig back my password and to log in just to make a review for you. Fantastic work man...

( I did not put a rating on sound since I'm at job, playing on mute )

popopt responds:

wow, thank you..I know what a hassle it is to dig out passwords lol Im always saying im gonna type all mine up and store them properly, but in reality they're on like 50 different postit notes in 5 folders - so ia ppreciate you taking the time. And Laval, thats right next to me, big hi from your neighbour in Westmount Montreal!


Very different game.
Too simple shoulda made it harder!