Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

How sad....... the ending was sad but the game is

Awesome! I won't spoil the endings but the hint that it is really sad and also the final boss was fun to beat! great game and very unique! The 3-D Was Unbelievable! and the story was very unique and sad with all the sacrafices and stuff, Sequel or Prequel may be needed for this awesome game!


your animation was amazing, the graphics were beautifula nd the crystal flyer was breathtaking, but the game itself? boring. and if i dind't get away from that horses gallping sound... oi! nice try though, a little more plot and interactivity next time mabey?

best flash game ive played yet

i never thought flash games could b 3D and have great graphics at the same time, even though its short, THIS GAME KICKS ASS!!!! ive NEVER played a flash game as good as this 1, great job, and keep up the awesome work.

Played a game just like it

I played a game just like is about a year ago. The game is called Shadow of the Colosuss which was a great game but this is pretty too.

Good Job

Nothing to add from the others said except next time maybe use the arrow keys to move instead of the mouse