Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


There are two annoying aspects, the trees and the distance you have to travel back and forth. Took about 45 minutes to complete the game


this was a pretty good game it had nice graphics an gameplay for a 3d game it took me about half an hour of riding my horse who knows how far an tryin to keep a hold on those stupid flyer things it was still a pretty good game

i did not like it

man it was so non fun like the story i like games with a good big story but this game has a not good story but it did have good graphics and it was a new thing. if it did not have good graphics i would give it a 2 but with the graphics i give it a 4. have fun (love ya all)

decent game

im amazed on the graphics and the style.i cant imagine how long you spent making this game =0.BUT there are 2 things that i dident like.

1.the story
i know there is a more bigger story then what i was playing.you could have made a big,epic story but just made a bunch of words(i know there is some reason why it was not as good so i not going to rant about the story anymore)

2.the gameplay
it was not good.you get bored easily in a matter of seconds(i really think that this game was not a game at all.But a interactive video)

it was a good try at a game but this should have been a movie(just my opinion)


Very Nice.

Where is the story??Other than that I love the graphics and DRAMA.