Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Good game

Heresjonnnny it took you an hour to get everything? You must be doing something wrong took me about 20 mins to finish this..
Overall I liked this. Good graphics and game play. I enjoyed this...only thing I would change would be to make it longer! lol

it's an oddity

This game is really similar to the style of shadow of the colossus. It's odd and the travel time can be really boring,but the overall mood is that to be desired. Those who enjoyed Shadow of the Colossus will get a similar feeling, and should enjoy it.

Well that was boring!

What the hell. That game was crap, i mean really bad. How can you give it a good review when it was so plainly rubbish. You just go around on a horse attacking flying stuff, like that has not been done before! Please don't play this game! It is a waste of time!


i mean it this game is the best!! Would you have mined if i made a movie out of it? i really luv it!!! Tip: at end choose No its the easiest!

I love the backround and use of colours by far this is the best game ive played!!

this could use some work

well first off to be honest it was the most boring game ive ever played, it takes about an hour to get to everything and your kinda just holding the mouse along the way, the graphics and sound were good for newgrounds but you need to put more detail into the story and either make shorter distances or some better things to do along the way.

is he like a gladiator/cowboy or something?