Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


Wow, like 80% of this is exactly the same as Shadow Of The Colossus, except for the part where I can beat this but no SOTC >=(. It lacked gameplay a bit though.

good game

its a well done game a can be quite deciving..... i didn't feed the flyer to the demon and i kill him :)

I said yes

i said yes to the demon and he said my portal to the past awaits so i go to the portal go through and he trick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
so anyway he put me in the portal a few second before the destruction and i have no one to fight with i've fed all the creatures to him! so i have to fight him with my horse i do it and i just die! and he turn's the land back into destruction so i shouldn't have really :(

good game

yeah shadow of the colussus comes to mind. i finshed with a yes ending. it was okay. but yeah it was a good game. thumbs up


A very beautiful game, both visually and musically. It kind of reminds me of "Shadow of the Colossus."
I have finished the game with the "No" ending (which was awesome and beautiful). I'm almost afraid to see what will happen if I answer "Yes."