Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


Didnt make much sense but quite entertaining.

one of my faves

this wus cool n it wus like sotc but it wus still fun n i found the {[hidden stallions]} wusnt very hard 2 but i liked how they controled better then the horse just make it longer n add side quests n maybe a lil custumization 2 the player.
n woulda been really cool 2 say no n go 2 hell n fight him but w.e floats ur boat still a 10 2 me


i didn't know that graphics like that were capable with flash. that was amazing. after you get past that though, there isn't much to the game, so i can't give it a ten. but wow. beautiful.

You should add more

The game is pretty fun, but It's too short and not nearly challenging enough. The 3d concept is reall cool, but you should ad in more things, like sword fighting and maybe side quests. That kid of thing. Over all, I think you could make this game a lot better.


i accidentally said no and fought the demon guy but i won so ...