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Reviews for "SBC's Great Adventure"


lolz yur yar lolz gr8 moveh lolzo

Wonchop responds:

lolz thnkz

Oh Wonchop

You silly man. Thanks for that cameo E>. I don't know how, but you seem to get things done quicker than I do and let me tell you. It's not fair :[. But I liked this one. I should probably stop babbling, I have to get started on mine.

Wonchop responds:

Heh, it's very much mood dependant, but if I can get started onto something I can get it done pretty soon.

O dear, alway's be on the look out for Luke!

hehe, I love the way you say ''adventure''.
Looking awsome, good job.

Wonchop responds:


You stay classy, Wonchop.

Another amazing Wonchop Production. Put it was not legendary some of your work. But still hilarious. Keep on making your amazing flash.

Wonchop responds:

I know it wasn't really me at my strong point humourwise, but still pretty good for under 5 hours.


out of nowhere but completely funny