Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Great Game!

This game is awesome! But the main thing that got me was the music style, it fit it perfectly. This is frontpage material!

More Levels, more secrets...

in one word- more fun!

Keep it on!

Began to get hard

Very fun but gets hard and becomes a lot more of a game of luck then skill.

level 29: umberinty

when it's breezy, swing easy

nothing like a relaxing round of GGG. new challenges, new rewards.
Some skill, some luck; 1 putt vs. hole-in-one. if you like GGG you are going to like GGG Dlx. Why does the Galactic Golfer wear 2 pressurized space suits? In case a meteor makes a hole in one.

Super Sequel

I enjoyed this just as much as the original! MEGATONS!