Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Great Game, even better sequel!

The game was great. All of the new things had that why-didn't-I-think-of-that appeal.
Had a score of 100,250,000, Its better than the number onbe on the high scores Cormack 78,826,944 (57,490,624 on hole 9, 32x bonus!) but i couldnt submit from NG!!!!


It's sp frustrating sometimes yet it's so damn good. Nice job.


That was mint
Was better than the first
Keep them comin

awsome game

i really liked this game. there are alot of levels to play and some of them are easy but the others are challenging. i liked everything about this game but there was just 1 thing that didnt work for me. the highscore list. the global one not the computer one. i was wondering if im the only one with the problem or is it more people then just me. anyways great game. keep it up and make more :)

Pretty impressive

Graphics were very smooth, nice ambience, music, sfx etc. Game play was a little weird but it fealt good.
Also the score table still isn't working.. you sure you updated it with the ArmorBot V 2.0 code?

Armegalo responds:

I did, but I'm not sure if the newgrounds staff have OK'd it yet...
After 5000 hits they have to check if you change the .swf