Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Way cool...

This is exactly the kind of strategic game I like. It's like "Orbit", but this game actually has a point.

Replayability is great too. An infinite number of ways to "win" and a scoring system that rewards risk.

I especially liked the levels where you could explode planets.

Good job man - keep it up...


Nice game
did 1st place, just a pittie that i dind put my name in it 8(
keep up the good work!

reply to thirtyseven

you go through the same portal twice that level is hard it took me 17 shots to get through it use as little power as you dare on level 17

Armegalo responds:

Actually, left leads to the right and the right hand portal leads to the upper one :)

Oh, that ggg

was thinking of something else when i clicked this game, but nevertheless, not bad

Gotta love the challange

a little tougher than the first. Love it