Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

I love this game.

The other one was cool. This one seems the same, but it's just as much fun to play. I was on level 18 with 12,000,000+ points and my computer shut off. Luckily I remembered the password. It's a useful feature. The physics and stuff are fantastic. It's an amazing game design still. I'm going to go back and finish it now.

Good stuff.

I beat it. Password for level 34 is Pgdiddling.

My final score was 37,513,994 but the leaderboard site is broken.

I like some of the new features. Only thing I don't like is waiting for your shot to go boom when its off screen. It takes too long.


Nice game
did 1st place, just a pittie that i dind put my name in it 8(
keep up the good work!

Oh, that ggg

was thinking of something else when i clicked this game, but nevertheless, not bad

Gotta love the challange

a little tougher than the first. Love it