Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Great Sequel but wasn't better than the Original

I admit I had lots fun. It was challenging and when you added a -spoiler-, -spoiler-, and -spoiler- it made me laugh and it was an extra twist. But I do remember the first one was super hard and took me like an 1 to beat. But I don't wanna be negative you did a great job with this. I hope to see a third one :D


good but one problem

This is a great game I loved the last one but I have on small niggle.

The sound button thing obstructs the view sometimes. It's quite bothersome.

loved it

I loved the first game very much so no wonder that I like this too...

very well done

Excellent O___o

This is really a GREAT job Oo...

I mean, the game is really uncommon, plus the graphics are perfect, gameplay too, and it's addictive :P.

Original, etc... I loved it !

Gratz !

nice job again!

I really like this game. You took a great amount of time to set up each level, i can see. Good work, hope to see another original game of the same calliber!