Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Great Game, even better sequel!

The game was great. All of the new things had that why-didn't-I-think-of-that appeal.
Had a score of 100,250,000, Its better than the number onbe on the high scores Cormack 78,826,944 (57,490,624 on hole 9, 32x bonus!) but i couldnt submit from NG!!!!

48,553,661 xD

Gave you 1 in humor cuz of the "space jam" xD
Awesome game, but some stupid search rabbit site came up when i tried to sumbit my score to the global list.

I love this game.

The other one was cool. This one seems the same, but it's just as much fun to play. I was on level 18 with 12,000,000+ points and my computer shut off. Luckily I remembered the password. It's a useful feature. The physics and stuff are fantastic. It's an amazing game design still. I'm going to go back and finish it now.

It's vera good...

But, is there any way to actually win, at all?

Fun game but

Armorgames makes it gay..