Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Good stuff.

I beat it. Password for level 34 is Pgdiddling.

My final score was 37,513,994 but the leaderboard site is broken.

I like some of the new features. Only thing I don't like is waiting for your shot to go boom when its off screen. It takes too long.

As good...

Or even better I simply loved them both, the game physics are awesome and the gameplay is really easy, keep it up!

Fun Golf

A new interactive fun golf game.

Very stylish, good graphics and great levels, overall 5/5

the best golf game game ever again!!! but WTF??!!!

I got 50million points,but i couldnt see my score on the web page because it couldnt find the server. got to work on that link man.


It's sp frustrating sometimes yet it's so damn good. Nice job.