Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"

I love this!

Its funny because its true!

"Speaking of unintentional attention getting, EAT YOUR MIC!"


Well played.

sounds like #3 on the kids next door

you know, the Chinese girl....


Came on to search for a song and this started playing to a room full of people... It was a strange experience but it resulted in much laughter from many people!
Thanks for that.

. . ."The Conspiracy is True" . . .

. . . voice actors/actresses have been drafted throughout the NG unniverse . . . To Defeat the Rein of Terror . . . The Prophecy shall be full filled . . . The Revolution has Begun . . .
---The Fall of Rina-Chan---

P(B'nJ).S. BEztz VOizE AkTRISs EvAR! (Now who's gonna be the BEZtz VOizE AKTURD EvAR?
Dat Karli2 =3

Hnilmik responds:

Oo; Conspiracy? Wha...? This wasn't made to bash on Rina-chan...?