Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


Usako wishes she could be this good.


hahaha people are stupid. "you don't sound female lol. plus this was not that great and i dont this belongs in the audio portal"

You madam, are amazing.

It takes one to know one

Everyone knows how artists can be ***** but no one ever talks about how the voice actors can be. Thank you for showing us the other side of the coin and we'll all watch as the other voice actors now attack your account XD.

LOL. YOU. ARE. CRAZY. (awesome.)

"Hi. I am female and I do voice acting". ---- Wat.

I love how you say that! So effing random and off sounding. Definitely should be in a random redbull-induced song of mine. Ahahaha! :D

-- Chris

"And I will now throw punches like an action girl"

Gosh. That part was hilariously hilarious. Awesome voice acting :D