Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"

Fun & Entertaining

You definitely have the talent! Go girl! :))


Harley Quinn, A batman character, That voice reminds me of her, Side kick of joker, Awsome.

Hnilmik responds:

XD Oh, you should hear my Baby Jane samples if you think I sound like Harley in this!


...that was funny XD


I lol'd so hard mainly because TRUE FACTS HAVE BEEN STATED xD

.... LMAO!

That was epic win xD... Hilariousness over 9000~!!

Although I know you meant this sound clip to be a joke, I'd like some real tips if you don't mind giving them to me:

I'm trying to understand what equipment/software I need for voice acting because I'm kinda new to this... I know how to voice act itself but I'm missing the other stuff...

What kinda microphone are using? (It sounds very loud, clear, and has no "pops") Are you using a popper? What kinda sound card are you using? Any software I need to know about?