Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


nice voice acting of voice actors who cant voice act :D

Yu r best voice actooor evor!!!

I r nother stupid kid on teh internetz!!! U r bestest voice actor evooor!!!

I thought it was hilarious xD hehe.. 10/10 in my opinion.





Very funny

Well, Rina-chan is easily the most prolific female voice actress here, so this was of course a dig at her. This was at least a good imitation of her and her imitations as well. I wish I could get into voice acting, and while I am a man, I can still associate myself with other people always getting the good stuff. You should go into voice acting yourself, hee hee. This deserves having over 100 reviews. People are always able to solicit different emotions in their voice, and it takes talent to use variants.


I'm sending you a PM about a voice acting opportunity that is a little unusual...

It should be paid...

The only way we can recruit people is on the internet... And as you said- THERE ARE NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET!

So you're a phenomenom... phenomenon... Can you please upload a recording of you saying phenomenon and antidiseshtablishmentarianism... however that's spelt.... No seriously, just check out your inbox :)

You seem very versatile... And AMERICAN! And the best thing (or maybe the worst thing) about what we're doing, is we need voices from all over the world...

Anyway, if you know any more female voice actresses (preferably with different voices) I'll inbox them too :P

Face <(X_X)>