Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


This Was A DRAMATIC! FAIL! lmao.... i cant belieave i wasted my life listening to this... lol... but least on a good note it got people to listen and post lmao


I've never listened to anything that made me more angry

I wanna be cast in a really shitty animated movie!

-I have to say that drama bit with your voice was a classic.
-That sarcastic laughter near the beginning sounded a lot like Princess Peach's laugh.
-Somewhere around 1:05-1:07 it sounded like you hurled, violently.
-When you said, "somehow it's sexy to have no emotion...", I thought you were gonna follow up with an Edward Cullen bit, but then again who wants to hear his voice...besides millions of seriously twisted girls who have a really effed up view on vampires. Haha, but overall I enjoyed the sarcasm.


Definitely some good tips for anime voice acting...
or at least generic crappy anime.

regardless, good clip, got a couple of laughs out of me.

My jaw dropped

Went you went REALLY REALLY high, I got flashbacks of Yachiru from Bleach. o_o
By the way, how much caffine did you have before this? xD