Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


omg I love this. Your awesome. :D

Very funny

Well, Rina-chan is easily the most prolific female voice actress here, so this was of course a dig at her. This was at least a good imitation of her and her imitations as well. I wish I could get into voice acting, and while I am a man, I can still associate myself with other people always getting the good stuff. You should go into voice acting yourself, hee hee. This deserves having over 100 reviews. People are always able to solicit different emotions in their voice, and it takes talent to use variants.


If I ever get into flash making, you'll be my first to interview for voices!

This was...

God bless you.

Uhh... Wow...

No hentai voice?! I am surely disappointed now... XD

This was a gem and I certainly enjoyed this infotainment. :)