Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


I'm sending you a PM about a voice acting opportunity that is a little unusual...

It should be paid...

The only way we can recruit people is on the internet... And as you said- THERE ARE NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET!

So you're a phenomenom... phenomenon... Can you please upload a recording of you saying phenomenon and antidiseshtablishmentarianism... however that's spelt.... No seriously, just check out your inbox :)

You seem very versatile... And AMERICAN! And the best thing (or maybe the worst thing) about what we're doing, is we need voices from all over the world...

Anyway, if you know any more female voice actresses (preferably with different voices) I'll inbox them too :P

Face <(X_X)>

LOL no.

You raised valid points. But you had to be annoying to do so. No.


I think I love you XDD

LOL x 100

Thank you!!! You made everyone laugh for about 2 hours straight :D

I laughed out loud twice, adn I'm male!

Thanks for sharing some truths, this is so awesome! =)