Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


You have a LOT of potential of becoming a Female Counterpart for Josh Tomar. I mean damn your voice is crystal clear and energetic...Wait a minute I just noticed this was a parody. Holy shit now I'm confused wheather this is awesome or is it awesome. Well who cares keep up the good work!


I totally agree that you are suited for energetic voice acting! XD
I Hire you!


well i see your point but also most females voice act a dumb slut or prostitute or a girl in hentai either way its funny

Well your not the only person...

Well a lot of people, even outside of Newgrounds, know how to use this kind of voice.
-1 Vote for saying 'your the best' because it is just a little.

Lol XD

This made me laugh so hard XD your mic is very high quality, what mic do you use? I use a Blue Snowball :P

Hnilmik responds:

I use a Samson CO1U~ Of course, like I demonstrated, it depends on your setup and how you use it! I know plenty people with the same mic as me who use it incorrectly!