Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"

Enjoyable satire

I laughed several times over the course of this clip. Nice energy put into each of the mocked archetypes. What's funny is that I've often come across this type of behaviour when looking through demos on this site, as well as others. An overall fun bit of satire with bits of truth inserted is always fun. Nice work, keep it up. :)


I really don't know how to review this...

Script - 1:15 funny. Everything else, I could care less for.

Punch Line - This is probably pissing some other voice actor off, but I never heard of them.

Voice - I really could not tell if you were being sarcastic or not. Props to that.

Imma give you an average rating. But, your voice reminds me of someone from a flash.... That one girl from Girl-chan or something? Eh, I dunno.

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Uggh... I lost intrest.

I lost intrest from 0:25 then i flamed at 30........ Uggh... my ears are bleeding im sorry... How is this in the weekly thing? But then, that one line at 1:15 made me crack up.


is this that one person that plays sheik in that one brawl machinima on youtube?

Hnilmik responds:

I voiced for a bunch of Brawl machinima, so I wouldn't be surprised if I am!

Most known for my role as Princess H (Sheik/Zelda) in Smashtasm Season 2 when it comes to Brawl machinima though~