Reviews for "Best Voice Actress Evar Tips!!"


ok i came up on the audio portal seeking stuff to comment on...mostly music...thats pretty much what i comment on....but then all i hear is u start talking...i end up listening to the entire thing and i crack up laughing xD it was great...although u kinda messed up a few times it was very well done....kudos to u...kudos...

perfect 10

peace easy


holy S@#T i laughed so hard. you are a very great voice actress lol. "Its very sexy to have no emotion." that was my fav part lol KEEP IT UP!!! v(>_<)b

It's all true!

EAT YOUR MIC!!!!!!!!!


Thanks. you make my day. =D


hahaha people are stupid. "you don't sound female lol. plus this was not that great and i dont this belongs in the audio portal"

You madam, are amazing.