Reviews for "Pick Up"

rather good =)

everybody stopppp complaining cuz tht was goood. culd be bttr but so culd everything lol.
i loved it n im a fan 4 constructive criticism (hope i spelt tht ryt..) but wiv things tht good i dnt thing there is a need.
dnt reali no y i love all ur stuff or y im takin my tym 2 review them all...mayb twas ur reveiw of tht ova guy in ur first flash tht got me strted but hey..congrats on the good flash n make a part 2 fast tht dude was hilarious but i wana c im save the day =)


I have a question (or two). Were you raised in Korea or America? And do you speak fluent Korean?

Skaijo responds:

I was mainly raised in the USA--California, to be exact. But my mom was pregnant with me back in Pusan, so I guess you could say I was "Made in Korea."


nicely done enjoyed it and got a number first on my favorites
make more


This is the kind of stuff that belongs on the front page. The smooth fluid animation, and very well managed voice acting made it a Grade +A Cartoon. I gave a 9 to the sound because I had trouble hearing some of the Blondie's lines, and some of her Subbed overs went by to fast. Non the less, this belongs on the front page.

Need more!

Very Nice

I like your style, its different and simple but very effective in its own way, you had some good humor in your flash (including the KFC ester egg) aswell as previous flash references (like the poster saying don't trip.) The sound effects and the music were a little loud in the begining so it was a little hard to hear what he was saying, but hey, thats what subtitles are for. After the credits you have a bunch of stuff that you would expect to see in a dvd (e.g deleted scenes and something of a making of Pick Up.) I can't wait for the second part of this flash, keep up the good work