Reviews for "Pick Up"

Very good and different

I see this as your best work yet, and it's very different compared to your past works in both style and storytelling. Overall, I like it.

Skaijo responds:

Think so? Hum... I hadn't noticed. Thanks for the kind words. :D

wicked stuff

that was awsome!!!! i hope your making more like this. well done


Very good graphics. The music somehow did and didn't fit the movie. But I believe it's actually spelt Tricia.

Skaijo responds:

Tricia...? Seriously?

English names are weird. <3

yo this rocks

Don't quit making flash. If you continue like that, you can get more portal awards.

review yay!

reviewing your work is almost as fun as watching it , trying to express what random feeling came over me ...hmm it was strange of course , but not like random strange more like FLCL strange . i love all yr work for that because it balances on that thin line people call understanding .i'm looking forward to part to if that is the plannig , how things looked it could also be a one flash-stand but seeing the act 1 on the end gave me hope , so basicly keep up the good work , looking forward to seeing any of your movies good job ^^

ps ; at this rate you schould get your own collections page on ng , lets hope big T notices your hard work

Skaijo responds:

Thanks for the kind words. This animation really does seem to stretch the thin line between random insanity and solid planning. There will most likely be an Act Two that will hopefully be out by March-ish. It's hard animating around school--especially this semester! >_< But I'll do my best in all walks and hope that you continue watching.

Much love,