Reviews for "Pick Up"

really cool.

really enjoyed it had a great time watching it. and SexyLilSeaOtter why is it good for far east flash? anybody can have good skills no matter what part of the world there from.

pretty good for far east flash

it was pretty good'
good enough for me to want to see more

Pretty good.

Good Stuff:

The graphics and Style were amazing, and the song was kinda humorous.

Bad Stuff:

Not that much violence(not that it's necessary) and thestoryline was kinda boring. Overall, it was pretty good. ;)


Loved it!

That was awesome! I loved how it was really light-hearted through the whole thing despite all the action that was going on. Also liked how the music never stopped even when people were talking, it added to the style of the movie. Great job!:)


Other than the problem with the voices (it's hard to hear them in most scenes due to music), this Flash is like... wow. That's all I can say, really.

I thought the girl in Patrick's room was his girlfriend at first O_o