Reviews for "Pick Up"

(( Very nice graphics ))

Wow this ws very good with some very good graphics, i was not too impressed with the "SIZE" as it was very large 8megs is just rediculus, the graphics were great though.

Work on the size.

Great graphics and animation but also could use some reduction of size.


Very good

+excellant art
+excellant animation
+entertaining story
+excellant voice acting- Hickory is especially good- she sounds SO sexy!

-voices a bit quiet in parts and hard to hear- I needed the subtitles.

The anime style with the funny no-nose faces and wishy washy backgrounds is not much to my personal taste, but its good of its type. You have done well and I look forward to the next installment. I watched it with some of my D&S colleagues, who all enjoyed it.
Best Wishes,
IceDragon64 of the Dragons & Spirits

wow, amazing

i just loved that, i loved your drawing style and well, your whole style, i see its mainly yours but i do get the anime feeling mixed in there 2 which is great, and the voice actors were great! especially Hickory's, lol, i loved that character, id love 2 know where you came up with that character, you musta got the idea for that character from an anime....tenchi maybe? but 2 flaws, it was a bit short, and the volume of the voices was 2 low, i could barely hear anything, but despite that, it was a great piece of work!! and im gonna add u and this to my favourites, give you 5/5 and wait for the follow up :)

Cool 10/10

Entertaining, I love the humor and originality.
1. WTF o_0
2. Horrible
3. Crap :(
4. Better - Try Again
5. Hmm. . . o_o
6. Ok
7. Good
8. Nice:)
9. Sweet
10. Awesome B)


everthing this guy does is fuckin great