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Reviews for "A Gift for Peach"


I'm sorry but this movie is a complete piece of crap and it would be better off in the recycle bin of satan's computer. Again I am sorry I just think that things this bad shuld be removed so that more better and important things can be put here.

evil-kefka responds:

You call it crap? What've you done at Newgrounds that gives you the right to say that? Nothing, that's right, you don't even fuckin' do Flash. At that, you didn't even say WHY it's bad, 'cause you're just a punk who complains without even attempting to fix the problem, who'll never ammount to anything, sittin' infront of your computer as a wanna-be of ClockCrew, using sexual words in thing such as your name like 'cock' and in your profile 'I came too soon!' like a 9 year old kid first learning the meaning of them, which is nothing less than pathetic! You try to act all high and mighty to me when all you do is make yourself look like a little bitch. Talkin' shit like my movie should be deleted of Newgrounds, when you should be banned off here for not even benefitting the site by even attempting to do anything and give NG what their goal was: to be a place where people can post their Flash projects, but instead you add to the community of bitch-asses who just complain about the movies, never saying why you didn't like them, 'cause all you wanna do is say how much you thought the movie was bad and try to be funny while doing it, when you just look gay. Goddamn, go get some friends, huh? Why do you go to Newgrounds if you're not even gonna do anything for it? It's fags like you who should leave for giving a bad image to Newgrounds users. Either do that, or go to hell. Either way, I don't think anyone gives a damn, bitch. So you can kiss my ass for all I care.


broken bat was funny! and the bowser teddy bear!