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Reviews for "A Gift for Peach"


I wonder if this will cause Mario and Luigi to break up?

eh i "guess" it was cool

well it was a nice movie and and a nice gift foryour gf but dude she gonna turn into a bitch one way or anothr just sayin anyways make anothr with sex or some thin i realy dont know im just bored.....im gonna go do some stuff now.......

Lol, that was good!

10/10 I love sprite movies and this one was very cute and well done.

Forget people who just bash on sprite movies to be an asshole... sprite movies are a good way to go if you don't have very pretty drawing skills. I'm not saying you have crappy drawing skills, but I know I slightly do. ^_^; Lol, anyways, this movie was very nice.

Make some more? =D


M<3P L<3P
did he KILL luigi or not