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Reviews for "A Gift for Peach"


That was adorable.


This was so cute, it made my day. Really. I'd like to say more, but i dont know what to say - it was just perfect.
Oh, I do have a question: How the hell did this grow to size of 1600kb? Why did you use Jpeg as background? What is that blinking pixel above Luigi's head? Did you compress music at all? Sorry. It's not a rant. I loved this. On internet, compression is a matter of art and professionality, that's all.

That was good

Man, that was sweet too bad is it was short. I can Imagine Mario and Luigi doing that all they Long. ^__^

Love it!

Thats so funny! I love it!

Pepsi ownz coke

Pepsi ownz coke!!!!
Graphics- gj with the fadeing in/out of mario/luigi's bodies.
Style- very funny, short, sweet, and 2 the point!
Sound- only a 0 just cuz my speakers aren't working >_<
Violence- lol nice bat
Interactivity- Useing the forward and backward button to get all
the presents
Humor- FUNNY!!!!!!!!!
Overall- Very good job my friend!