Reviews for "Madness Parody 2!"

Good to see a new one :)

The action themed story was a good idea, and the random humor parts were pretty funny, but if you're making a madness parody 3, focus more on humor, and try to make it more longer.

Besides that, this is a nicely done flash, 4/5

Keep it up :)


The themes you bring up to make fun of from the madness series are pretty well done. But I think the movie should move a bit faster, and also the naked madness chicks looked terrible. Their boobs should be like actual boobs, not saggy paint-ons, and they shouldn't be all pink. But I did like the text joke, and the dandylion joke. Make more, improve a bit and you should get better scores.

eh...sorry man but im gonna have to say...

two thumbs down, to slow moving, to long of intro, disgusting strip club scene, so yeah, no good

Alucard responds:



are you sure strippers have tanlines?