Reviews for "Madness Parody 2!"

No dude... no..

Ok, really this isnt very good. Ok? I dont know how to make it better, this just isnt a parody..

just no

I can't see it. I mean was this a parody? last one was, like I said "not exelent but pretty good", but this? I just stopped watching at the strip club part because, if you can't get your viewers attention without the gratuidous boob shots, you just don't diserve a good rating. The only reason I left you with atleast a one, is because you tried.

It's not madness(

2 score for the part with the speach bubbles.


not so good

well, its madness alright

iv seen better, but its not horrible. i think youv got some real talent. jsut clean it up a little bit as far as movement and drawing. other than than it was great.

i espically liekd the part with the speach bubbles and the 2 guys freaking out over them. i laughed to much when i saw that.

9/10 5/5