Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"

Awesome game

This game takes SOCOM, takes out clans, adds some cool weapons, and makes it top-down view. This makes for an awesome experience.
Graphics - 9/10 - I could recognize all the guns and the effects from them are nice, but high quality lags most machines.
Style - 10/10 - Just like SOCOM, there are ranks, different rooms, chat, and all of it combined makes it awesome.
Sound - 8/10 - I didn't really pay too much attention to the sound, but when I did, it was good, but could have some improvement.
Violence - 9/10 - What is more violent then crushing someone with a sledgehammer?
Interactivity - 9/10 - This game allowed for a person to pick their server, have their name, choose from a variety of guns in-game, and even set colors.
Humor - 5/10 - This score came from two things: I thought it was funny that I killed this guy in the last second while he killed me, but it only counted my kill (made me win). Also, some of the messeges like the T-ball one with the weapons.

NOTE: Whoever reviewed this before me who said it should use flash player 8.... IT DID! So check again, asshole. This was a great game and you gave it a low score cuz you forgot to update your flash.


Hackers up the friggin ass, you guys really need to fix that. It's impossible to have fun with this game anymore, too many fat internet nerds ejaculating while using their codes.

That's great stick shooting!

Yippee, I played the game 30 mins and it was so fun!!!! I think it's one of the greatest stick fighting games I have ever played!!!

wow! :)

i HaVe 5 AcCoUnTs In tHiS gAme

autodestruction:1643 kills
king,hippopotas:150 kills
manure,clan,leader:150 kills
south,park,killa:22kills note (i use this account yesterday)

that´s it

Best Yet

To me this is the best game XGen has made yet but i only have 1 question... WHEN IS STICK RPG 2 COMING OUT!!!