Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"


The only thing is why is people hacking


This game sucks, it is ruined by dumb hackers, i heard that there is a program to counter the hack.... hmm, pls share your thoughts....

Pls patch this game, it is really flooded with hackers..


Killer-Racer-X i hope you get banned you hacking nerd. This was such a great game till fags like you came and destroyed it. go suck a lemon.

This needs hack protection badly. 0/10 until its protected


when i play a round it says that i need to turn off all things on and they are already off. whats going on XGen? 0/10 0/5

to people who have complaints

the game was created a little while ago (maybe a couple a years) the game got upgraded it was always slow there are hackers making it laggy and making glitches so they can sell them, the game is fucked up as it is, i had a clan on that site, called bthc (bring the heat clan) the clan was running smoothly but the game was not, the game itself lagged so much that it just stopped and logged you out, there is nothing that the owners of the game can do, and there is nothing you can do about it either, the game is awsome but sucky so the best thing for you to do is not play it wat so evur and about the hackers, they can run through walls, shoot increadibly fast, switch weapons without moving they can kill in 1 hit with any weopon you name it they can do it and they have invincability they suck ass and they can go fuck themselfs