Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"


there are a shit load of hackers and cheaters on this game. Other than that if you can find a game with no cheaters and what not then it's really fun. But there are just too many ppl that ruin if for others.


I didnt even get to play as it would work right in Firefox either. Boo :(


You know, almost 80% of these players have CE installed on thier computer and cheaters really ruin the game, cause whats the fun when the hacking becomes so rediculous that everybody has infinite health and they just stand there, nobody can kill eachother, and all the people who didn't hack has already quit the game, so for the love of god, install CE or don't even bother playing this


i dont like it

it suckes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man i hate this its so hard and slow