Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"


This game sucks, it is ruined by dumb hackers, i heard that there is a program to counter the hack.... hmm, pls share your thoughts....

Pls patch this game, it is really flooded with hackers..


Killer-Racer-X i hope you get banned you hacking nerd. This was such a great game till fags like you came and destroyed it. go suck a lemon.

This needs hack protection badly. 0/10 until its protected


when i play a round it says that i need to turn off all things on and they are already off. whats going on XGen? 0/10 0/5

this game sucks

this is shit you cant even pick your own name.every player sucks its just stupid as hell


some dude name mista whiskas gets like a 100 kills on each round and when we shoot at him he doesnt die i shooot him straight up he dont dies no stars he cheats