Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"

What in the 7 Hells?!?

Something was REALLY fucked up. In the map I was in the wrong weapons were in the wrong place! I play the normal SA, and I know that the sword does NOT go in the bathroom. The sledge does! If you could, anyone, please explain this to me. Other than that, th NG version is just as fun. ^^

NOT Dial-up friendly :( Why ffs...

Looking at the game I thought "sweet, a CS-type game that seems like it could hold a dial-up connecion". WRONG. >_< And I'm pissed that I'm wrong because I really like this game. Even with NOTHING ELSE RUNNING I get kicked out of the game. A damn shame.

For the two and a half minutes I DID play, I saw some really funny captions in the corner when you killed someone.

"You h4x0r3d Bob The Sniper"
"You Duck-Hunted Fishy McStick"
"You turned Frag4lyf into a blood fountain."

Good game, but i'm only basing my rating off what I saw in the minutes i COULD play. Is there any way there can be a low-fi version for dial-up players?

good but.............

nice game but the hackers get on my nerves beacause they always kill u :*(

if u could make another one without the haks and more wepons it would be a great game


but barely anyone plays now

Great Game

I've always loved this, shame it's only a demo on NG. Still, full game's amazing!