Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"

I agree

It's a great game, but It slows down on me on me cable modem.

I dont know if it's a bug or what, but I cant seem to play it for long.

I have the most recent Flash plug-in, So I cant figure out the problem.


abosutely amazing..but, if only the surrounding objects could be shot off or destroyed..that would be really cool..with more lag tho...so, its good enuff the way it is...

Now this is a fun game!

At first I thought this was going to be some weird, horrible game, but once I started playing it some more, I got to loving it. It may only have a basic selection of weapons, but the sound and violence factors balance it out for me. Great game!

The biggest crap in the game isnt your fault.

Its an real awesome game! Awesome graphics, its a fun game, multiplayer sound is fun.
BUT! (theres the big but)
There is a large amount of cheaters and my account gets hacked everytime.
Would be an even greater game if there werent any hackers.